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23rd July 2014

So it’s occurred to me that replying to comments on tumblr is quite troublesome.

I’ve received a number of Asks that I am slowly responding to (as not to litter my page with endless text), but actual comments on posts I can’t reply to directly which is odd. I would respond to each comment if I could. I think it’s an OCD thing…

In any case, I have a Twitter, a Facebook, an Instagram and even a Google+ - all that are much easier to reply to people with. I like chatting to new people. Say hello to me there and we can talk more. 

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I think your photography is fascinating. Your photos all tell a story that speaks of a glorious memory preserved by the click of your lens

Asked by cullenmullen

Capturing those fleeting moments in life is why I fell in love with photography. It took a long time for me to realise that this was the medium for me, but life is funny that way so I’m grateful nonetheless.

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Your photography is really thought provoking and I really enjoy reading the little notes you write after it :)

Asked by kim-kardassian

Thank you so much that’s such a great compliment. I make a conscious effort to include something about myself or about the photo. I think it’s become more of a journal - a running commentary of random thoughts for myself..

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Hello! I really love Japan and your photographs of daily life are something really special for me to see~ a huge greeting from Italy :)

Asked by brokenviews

Japan is such an amazing place. I miss it all the time. I encourage everyone to visit at some point in their lives, preferably before it is eaten by Kaiju. :)

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